What are you about?

It's a simple question really, although one that might be difficult to answer:  What are you about?  What defines you?  What is unique about you?  What makes you who you are?

Jamie asked this question of herself on her blog, which got me thinking about what I'm about.

I'm about Jesus, and I'm about helping others follow him.

I'm about my wife.

I'm about the Church and more specifically my church.

I'm about community.

I'm about cities. I live in DC, and my last three trips have been to Seattle, New York City, and Addis Ababa.

I'm about food. I especially love Chicago pizza, hot dogs and beef sandwiches, and if you grill meat I'll like it.

I'm about leadership, learning to lead myself and others well.

I'm about too much TV.

I'm about receiving grace and trying to get better at giving it.

I'm about reading and writing.

I'm about social media.

I'm about driving.

I'm about generosity.

I'm about being stressed and agitated but trying to change that.

I'm about my friends.

I'm about Sabbath.

I'm about poker.

I'm about competition and winning.

I'm about thinking and challenging and stretching my mind (and yours).

I'm about serving the vulnerable, because that's what Jesus is about.

I'm about integrity.

I'm trying to be about joy and intentionality.

I'm about theology.

I'm becoming about artistic expression and travel.

I used to be about politics.

I'm about exercise (sometimes).

What are you about?  Leave a comment below or better yet, write your own post and link back to mine.  I'll be sure to swing by your blog and check it out.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

One of my goals for the next year is to start blogging more. I’ve decided that one of my life goals is to write a book, and if I’m going to do that, I need to practice writing. Lots of things come to me that I want to write about, but usually I either forget about them or I sit down to write and stop writing halfway through. I think of something great to say, but when I put fingers to keyboard I lose my steam. Or I realize that I need to develop my thoughts further. As I’ve mentioned before, writing takes me a long time because I am very meticulous about it, but I’m hoping that with practice I will get not only better but faster as well.

I’m thinking of a goal of one substantive (as in lengthy and well thought out) post per week, but that may be more than I can do. So let’s leave it for now at one post (kinda like this one) a week, with one substantive post per month.