Catalyst 2010 Liveblog

I’m back in Atlanta with the NCC team for Catalyst. Last time I was here was two years ago for the same conference. It was a great experience and some of the things I learned there really stuck with me.

The difference between a good leader and a great leader is humility.Jim Collins

If you’re ever looking at someone else’s situation with envy, think about what it took for them to get thereSteven Furtick pastored a church of thousands in his twenties, but he was stepping out in faith to minister to guys in his dorm in college, guys who weren’t open to faith, guys who he didn’t have a lot in common with, long before God ever gave him a big church.  He served in hard and obscure ways before serving in the spotlight.

Some ministries have It, and some ministries don’t.  You’ve got to want It badly.  You’ve got to strive after It, and pray for It, and yearn for It, if you want to have a ministry that is on fire. –Craig Groeschel

I’m looking forward to what God has to teach me at Catalyst this year.  I’ll be blogging (hopefully liveblogging) my session notes and possibly some other thoughts.  You can also follow the action at Catablog and Catalyst Backstage.

One caveat about my notes, they’re usually pretty unfiltered.  I mostly write down what the speaker says, even if I disagree.  Of course, there’s the possibility that I misinterpret or misrecord what they say, so maybe double check my facts before getting too upset about something.

Catalyst Session 3 – Steven Furtick

When God makes you a promise, there is a process before the payoff, a painful process
How do you keep your vision in sight when there’s nothing to see?
You’ve heard the voice of God speak into your life, but what you’re seeing isn’t matching up with what you’ve heard. When there’s nothing to see and only a cloud the size of a man’s hand, God is working.
God is not a man that he should lie. He is capable to complete everything that he has initiated in your life.
Don’t forget your promise and forfeit the payoff because you fainted in the process.
God will grow the church not so we can have big churches, but because people need Jesus.
When we come together God can use us to great things.
Believe when there’s nothing to see.
Hold on to what you’ve heard from God.
When David stood before Goliath in front of all Israel, he said: God will deliver me from this uncircumcised fellow as he delivered me from the lion and the bear.
God is a covenant keeping God, and nothing is too difficult for him.