Leaders Must Live in Rhythm

A couple of weeks ago NCC had its summer leadership summit.  We typically provide leadership training, and this summer Heather, our Discipleship Pastor, decided to do a series of  TED-style talks around the theme “Leaders must…”

I spoke on living in rhythm.

The other topics/speakers were:

I Fall – Off Bikes

Have you ever fallen?  I mean really fallen?  Fallen well, gotten swallowed up by a pit in the sidewalk, skidded across the ground at the top of an escalator, or nearly killed yourself on a trampoline?

I’m pretty sure I don’t actually hang out with people who don’t fall.

Personally, I’m pretty sure footed.  I might slip on the stairs occasionally or stumble a bit, but I rarely actually go tumbling down.

When I fall, it’s off a bike.

When I was a kid I was always crashing.  It may have had something to do with my jumping dirt hills and biking through construction zones… and we didn’t wear helmets.  Shoot, we didn’t even have them.

Now that I’m all grown up, I live in the city without a car, which means I bike everywhere, even to the store.

A couple of summers ago I was carrying some bags home on my handlebars when one that was hanging a bit too low swung into the spokes and immediately seized up my front tire, sending me flying over the handlebars.

Fortunately, I managed to catch myself before my face smacked the pavement, but I was still in pretty bad shape.

A week or so later I helped some friends move.  Lemme tell you, the arm still hurt, which isn’t that surprising given that when I finally went to the doctor she told me that my arm was broken.

Perhaps the funniest part was the people who asked me if I was wearing a helmet when I crashed.  As I told them, yes, but that didn’t help my arm much.

Thanks to Heather, Maegan and Jenilee for the inspiration.  As Heather said, there’s no real lesson here, just a laugh.