Kingdom Bathrooms

The Kingdom of God has bathrooms!

You may have heard that there’s this little thing called the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC tomorrow. It’s going to be cold, and even with the 5000+ portapotties that have been set up, I’m guessing that bathroom facilities will be an issue.

In response, Capitol Hill Presbyterian, a church just two blocks from the Capitol, has decided to open its fellowship hall (for warmth) and bathroom facilities to all comers.

This takes some effort on their part. It’s going to be messy. The bathrooms will probably need a lot of cleaning afterwards. Volunteers or staff will have to be around monitoring things all day long. It’s possible that stuff will get broken or stolen.

But you know what, those bathrooms don’t belong to Capitol Hill Presbyterian. They belong to God. Those are God’s bathrooms, and my guess is that the good folks there would agree. Maybe they’ve never thought of it that way before, but I would bet they’d agree. They’re being the lamp on a lampstand that Jesus talked about. Huge props to them. So again I say…

The Kingdom of God has bathrooms!