Five Things I Learned While Touring Frederick Douglass’ House

Frederick Douglass, ca. 1879.  George K. Warren. (National Archives Gift Collection) Exact Date Shot Unknown NARA FILE #:  200-FL-22 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #:113
Frederick Douglass' Study

I'll be honest, before touring Fredrick Douglass' house as part of my #dcfarewelltour, I didn't know a lot about the man.  He was quite an incredible and successful individual who accomplished more than most of us would in two lifetimes.

Here are five interesting facts that I learned:

  1. Frederick Douglass had no formal education and not only taught himself to read and write, he later learned French and German.
  2. As an escaped slave Frederick Douglass was chased by US Marshalls.  He later became the first black US Marshall.
  3. Anacostia, the iconic African-American community in Washington DC where Frederick Douglass lived, was founded as Uniontown.  The developer of Uniontown explicitly excluded blacks and Irish immigrants from living there in the property deeds.
  4. Frederick Douglass served as ambassador to Haiti.
  5. Douglass not only fought to end slavery, he worked alongside Susan B. Anthony in the struggle for women's suffrage.