Making Disciples or Producing Programs

I ran across this thought provoking video from Kelli and Niki Tshibaka on a missionary friend’s blog.

It got me asking…

What am I about?
What is my ministry about?
What is my church about?

Am I—are we—making disciples or just putting on programs?

How much time should I be putting into creating a program, a framework through which people can be discipled, versus just directly discipling people myself?

I say to myself that the small groups fair we put on this weekend helps connect people with others in relationships where discipleship can occur, but maybe if I just spent time discipling people rather than organizing an event, they would reach out to others and the people at my church wouldn’t need help getting connected.

Or maybe an event like that is exactly how people do wind up getting discipled.

What is the church? And what is it about? And how are we to best fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples?