Our Leaders Love our City

I love the small group leaders at National Community Church.  They’re passionate individuals who are making a difference in our city.

For the past few semesters we’ve had a group called Living in the Tension led by Jill Carmichael and Carmel Pryor that’s focused not just on study but also on service.  Right now they’re gearing up for their second HIV/AIDS related event.

They’re screening The Other City to raise awareness about the epidemic that is HIV/AIDS in Washington DC.  You might be surprised to learn that somewhere between 3-5% of the population of DC has HIV/AIDS, rivaling some African countries.

They’re also actively working to combat the epidemic by offering free HIV/AIDS testing.

They’ll be at Harriet Tubman Elementary School (3101 13th St. NW DC) starting at 8 PM this Saturday.  Come on by and check it out.  Questions about the event?  Take a look at their Facebook page.