A Farewell Tour

2015 is the year of no regrets.

For a couple of years Rachel and I have been thinking and praying about moving to California to be closer to family and because... well... it's California.  In January we realized that if we didn't want to wake up in ten years saying, "I wish we would have..." we needed to just do it, so Rachel started work in Orange County a few weeks ago, and I'm joining her in October.

Will Truman Bowling Alley
Will Fourth Of July White House

I've done and experienced a lot of what DC has to offer in the decade that I've lived here.  I've had the privilege of rolling a few frames in the Truman Bowling Alley, had the Speaker of the House show up at my office Christmas party, and celebrated the Fourth of July on the South Lawn of the White House.

But there are still adventures left to be had before I go, and keeping with this years theme, I don't want to leave DC saying, "I wish I would have..."  So here's what I still have left to do over the next seven weeks.  Let me know if you'd like to join me for any of it!

  • Frederick Douglass House - 8/24
  • National Building Museum/The Beach - 8/26
  • Marine Barracks 8th & I Evening Parade - 8/28
  • Supreme Court Tour - 8/31
  • Phillips Collection - 9/5 (Tentative)
  • Lunch in the Senators' Dining Room - 9/7
  • Vietnam Memorial - 9/12
  • Congressional Cemetery - These next four will probably just be Rachel and I while she's in town.
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Lincoln's Cottage
  • Roosevelt Island
  • lunch in the House Members' Dining Room - 9/21
  • Newseum - 9/26 (Tentative)
  • National Archives - 9/28
  • Supreme Court Oral Arguments - 10/5
Posted at 11:28 AM on August 24th, 2015
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