Ermias, Konji, and Impact Youth – Ethiopia Day 4

Guest post by Todd Michel – Post written at the end of the fourth day of the trip, August 16

Wow! What an amazing day in Addis Ababa. Today our team visited the ministries for Impact Youth. The three ministries are called Hope, Joy, and Love and I could not think of more appropriate names.

Hope house is their street boys ministry and our team got to meet the 12 boys and staff that live at the house. Each boy gave their story and I was amazed to hear how their lives were now filled with hope. It is a hope that has come from inviting Jesus into their hearts and knowing that their past sins have been forgiven. All of the boys hope to get jobs where they will have an opportunity to help other street boys.

The other two ministries are orphanages for girls and boys. We were only able to visit the girls ministry, and the girls were very happy and were eager to care for other children in the community.

I was also fortunate to hear from the two directors of Youth Impact about how their ministry was formed. A small group of Christians all decided to quit their jobs, moved into house together and studied the teachings of Jesus for a year. Only then did they start their ministries.

Their story is an illustration of how important it is to study the word of God before taking action. I am amazed by the passion and dedication of the two directors. In addition to directly serving their immediate community, they have also been great mentors for Adam. I am so happy to witness first hand how God is moving in Addis.

Posted at 8:00 AM on August 18th, 2011
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