John Bevere at Capital City Church

This morning I had the chance to hear John Bevere, author, speaker, and former pastor, at Capital City Church. Pastors Dennis and Donna Pisani brought him in to speak to their leaders and congregation and invited leaders from a few local churches to join them.  Huge thanks to them for letting us be a part of this experience.

John preached a couple of powerful messages.  He comes from a very different tradition and perspective than I’m used to, so there’s a lot of stuff I’m still processing.  I’m going to post my notes from the sessions here in just a minute, so I need to give the disclaimer that I may have accidentally misrepresented something he said and that there are some things that I’m not sure I totally agree with, but I tried to present what John said as accurately as possible.

He spoke on honor’s reward, multiplying leaders, and following well, three messages that are critical to the Church in America today.

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