The Trip Begins – Day 1 Part 1

After getting to the hotel and orienting for a few minutes, we jumped in the vans and headed to Beza’s ministry compound near Entoto Mountain. (I know “compound” sounds militaristic, but they’re fairly standard here.) Entoto Mountain is home to a community of around 5,000 people suffering from HIV/AIDS, and the compound is home to the Entoto Project, a ministry to the community on Entoto Mountain. We had the chance to look around their new facilities, and we met the Entoto Project team. They are a group of amazing individuals. They are all young and their ranks include former teachers, a law school graduate, students, and a former resident of Entoto Mountain. The story of how the Entoto Project came to be is an amazing one that I hope to share at some point.

After some time to talk, lunch, and some more briefing we headed up the mountain. We split into two teams, one to play soccer with the kids and another to visit the homes of several residents who participate in the Entoto Project. The second team further divided into groups of three or four (including a translator). Jessie Webb, Rachel, and myself, along with Eden (pronounced Aiden), an Entoto Project staff member and our translator, visited with a woman named Sara (name changed for privacy reasons). It was an amazing experience, but that is a story for another post.

Posted at 4:18 PM on March 22nd, 2009
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