Thanksgiving Dinner

We finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner about an hour ago. It was a great time. This is our third year hosting. A lot of people move to DC for work, so there are tons of folks (like us) who don’t have family around. It’s good to be able to share it with both new and old friends. This year we had Henry Tran; Brad, Glenda, Macy, and Mia McMath; Jeff Johnson; Dave Hickox; Scott Myers; and (obviously) Rachel and I. Yes, 10 is a lot for our ~600 square foot apartment.

I have two awards to give out this year. The longevity award goes to Henry Tran. This is his third consecutive Thanksgiving with us, and we’re glad he keeps coming.

The second award is for cutest Thanksgiving dinner guests ever, and it goes to Macy and Mia McMath.

Here’s a quick after dinner video (I’ll warn you, it’s pretty dull).

Yes, at the end, I do say, “I have Legos.” The mom of the cute dinner guests was wondering if we had anything the girls could sort or stack or whatever. I still have my childhood Legos, and while it’s been a while, I do still pull them out every now and again.

For a couple more photos check out my Flickr set.

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