I’ve mentioned before that I think the reason my entrance into ministry was delayed after college was that God had some things to teach me, especially in the area of humility. I didn’t realize quite how true that was until last week.

On our first day at NCC, the staff and proteges were sitting around talking about the program, and Pastor Joel said something. I honestly don’t even remember exactly what it was, but it hit me. Right after college I was looking into a program very similar to the Protege program. I was talking with the pastor I would be working with, and I just really didn’t want one of those “work here part time and get a job part time as part of your ministry/support” positions.

While I do have a lot to learn practically about how to do ministry, I don’t really think that is why God sidetracked me. Plenty of people start with the same experience I had. No, He had (and perhaps still has) a lot for me to learn spiritually.

Posted at 10:15 AM on September 18th, 2008
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