My First Post

Yes, much like Tickle Me Elmo is a child's introduction to American consumerism, this is my introduction to the world of blogging. It's surprising that it's taken me so long to get here. considering that I work with so-called "new media"1.

Anyway, a bit about myself. My name is Will Johnston. As of the writing of this post, I am 24. I work in new media on Capitol Hill.3 In my spare time I volunteer at my church and on political campaigns. I also enjoy spending time with my friends (especially over a cold beer), and if I'm honest, a lot of my free time goes into doing the same stuff I do at work, only at home creating my own projects, such as this one.

In college I studied theology and minored in philosophy with the intent to become a pastor. While I was actually ordained in the church I grew up in2 (a type of church that has no formal requirements for ordination other than the church placing trust in the candidate) I never actually entered full time ministry. That's a decision that I still question, but it's also one that I re-evaluate fairly regularly.

It feels a bit odd to be writing that last part online, as I feel it requires explanation and is somewhat embarrassing to me. I suppose that is the beauty of the Internet. At least there's a disconnect - even if only a temporal one - between people finding something out about me and my needing to explain myself.

Considering my interests, it should come as no surprise that the posts in this blog will typically fall within one of the following categories: religion, politics, (yes, I like to start by talking about the things you're not supposed to talk about), technology, philosophy, and personal. I, like most liberal arts majors from small schools in the Midwest that like to think of themselves as the "Harvard of Christian colleges," even though that is quite an overstatement, enjoy analyzing how one's religion influences one's philosophy, how one's philosophy influences one's politics and, how one's philosophy influences one's religion. Unlike most of them, I also enjoy analyzing the use of technology in politics. All that to say, in a very long winded manner that you will grow accustomed to if you read my writing with any regularity, that many posts will actually be in more than one of these categories. Of course, there will be a healthy dose of (as in may constitute most of my content) YouTube videos and the like.

1There's got to be a better term for this, right? I mean, I do freakin' Internet stuff. TV was new at one point, so were clay tablets. Written languages themselves were a new form of media long ago. If some other, newer media gains traction, I may or may not do anything with that. Actually, I probably won't. Let's be honest, most people get set in their ways. I'll be old and telling my grandchildren about the Internet's migration from big trucks to tubes and how e-mails to my staffers used to get lost, but I digress.

2That's a long story, but I'm digressing again, so I'll just say that basically the church I grew up in shut down and a church from the same denomination (or non-denomination as the case may be) opened in the same location a short while later.
3UPDATE: I forgot to mention the first time 'round that everything I say in this blog is my personal opinion and is neither endorsed nor supported by my employer.

UPDATE: I should note that I will occasionally update this post to reflect changes in employment, age, interests, etc.

Posted at 12:35 AM on February 4th, 2008